We appreciate these former residents of MPA for sharing their experiences.

Names have been changed for confidentiality purposes.

  • Experience of a Caregiver

    It gives me great pleasure to put on record the thanks and appreciation, my family and I feel for MPA. We have watched it grow over the years since its birth and have known many staff and friends of MPA. It saw a need in society and took the courageous step to find a niche for its services and its commitment to mental health. We value what it has done for us and many others.

    There is dedication, compassion and commitment in the staff who create an environment of love and support for the patients and visitors. Patients feel at home and know they will be safe and secure here. They have a sense of belonging and being part of a family or community. We have experienced all this when a close member of our family came for long-term care. The centre is very centrally located in wonderful surroundings where there is peace and quiet. It is open, welcoming and always fairly clean. How important to help people get care in a more integrated way.

    We were very worried about the future of MPA some years ago when it experienced problems over its land. We prayed that a solution would be found and that MPA would have a secure future and continue to serve the community. We hear the problem is resolved.

    We wish MPA a successful future where it can grow, take on new challenges and help people and families face a very real problem. As the guardian of a patient who has had care here, and is now so much better, I can honestly say, thank you! We are able to talk openly and confidentially about our concerns and plans for the future. We too experience support, love and commitment.

    I also value the Centre, where people of faith can come and serve or be served in a spirit of care for the whole person. We have a sense of peace and assurance that our family member is in good hands and where he is happy.

    We wish MPA well, many more years of service and may God bless its ministry.

    Dr. Daleep Mukerji
    Director, Christian Aid, UK


  • ‘I really appreciate the work done. I have visited many such organizations, but this is something which is completely different. Residents are very much engaged into their own activities and learning to appreciate each other’s work. The idea of giving positive points is amazing and I hope I can contribute in some or other way!’

    Manasa Students


    “ As carers of mental health and in the process of our training  as psychiatrists, it is an awesome experience to see how patients are treated and finally re-integrated into society, to make this life worthwhile. Keep doing this noble job. Thank you for the exposure.”

    Dr. Preeti & Dr Shanti, St. John’s Hospital, Bangalore.


    “A wonderful home for people who are insecure in society. The staff and workers are excellent in their behaviour. Had a good experience”.

    Nursing Students, NIMHANS 


    “Students really benefited from the visit and now they understand the basics about psychiatric rehabilitation. Many thanks to Mr. Christopher who has taken a wonderful session for the students”.

    BSW Students, Kasthurba College for Women, Pondicherry


    “The environment which you give for the clients here is fine. Beautiful campus. The orientation which we got from here was clear and we could gain the knowledge regarding the types of care you provide for the clients”.

    Miranda College of Nursing & School of Nursing, Bangalore. 


    “This is an impressive facility providing essential services to those with mental illness. Your skill and dedication are quite obvious blessings’.

    Dr. Frank Stalfa, Lancaster Theological Seminary, USA 


    “It was a very informative visit. It gave us an insight into the need of having more half-way homes to meet the needs of our growing population with mental disorders. keep up the good work!”.

    Goodwill Christian College for Women, Bangalore. 


    We the students of M.Sc Nursing in Psychiatric Nursing would like to say heartily thank you for giving us permission to visit the esteemed institution and providing us meaningful practical knowledge, which will benefit us in our speciality. We indeed appreciate the work and wish that it will enhance more and more. Jehovah God bless you.

    M.Sc Nursing Students, College of Nursing, Ludhiana, Punjab 


    “We are impressed with the kind of professional work done at this Center for the benefit of people suffering from various forms of mental distress.”

    UTC Counseling & Training Center, Faculty & Students

  • We appreciate these former residents of MPA for sharing their experiences. Names have been changed for confidentiality reason. 

    Mr. Prakash, 22 years

    I am a bi-polar affected person. When I came to MPA three years ago, I was restless, over energetic; I had some mania. I used to make fun of people, crack lame jokes, wander from here to there, bothering people. Always active, always energetic, always on the move. Couldn’t sit quiet for some time.

    The medicines stabilized me, and made me a man. I could sit quiet in one place. Not bother anybody. I was ready for discharge. I was happy and content with myself.

    I am stable, normal now. I am not used to being calm but I love my state of mind. I am calm, happy with no mania. I received excellent counseling from Mr. Naveen. When I came in the beginning he didn’t voice any opinion during the sessions we had. That inspired me to make my own choices.

    I was having trouble with my family, but after being stabilized, I was accepted by my father. During the three times, that I visited my home, I was calm and non-violent. My father accepted me as I am and liked the new me. I was discharged from MPA in June 2010.

    Mr. Dabholkar, 49 years

    After 13 years of rehabilitation, I have learnt a lot from MPA. I am able to interact with people more confidently and also I have learnt about money management — how to use it very wisely and spend it only when it is essential. I have learnt how to go to the bank and deposit cash, cheque, money orders, etc.

    I go alone to my psychiatrist. I also do not become angry for trivial matters. I have learnt to be kind to the poor and needy people and help them to the best of my resources.

    I get up early in the morning and do meditation and go for a walk to Richards Park, have bitter gourd juice and do brisk walking. I also take my general psychiatric medication regularly.

    I also spend and utilize my time wisely as there is a saying that ‘time and tide wait for no one’. I have also learnt about personal hygiene, how to shave everyday, have bath with soap, shampoo daily and also wear good and ironed clothes. I also eat a balanced diet regularly and do not succumb to bad habits like smoking and drinking.

    During my work in the optician shop, I learned to clean frames and sunglasses, know the prices and the various types of lenses, even contact lenses. Whenever I get time, I read the latest journals and books on ophthalmology and opticals, and these books are plenty in our shop. I go to my counsellor and also to my psychiatrist regularly to solve any problems I have.

    MPA’s staff has made a man out of me. I hope this continues till my end.

    Ms. Bharathi, 51 years

    Before I came to MPA. I experienced great losses. I had lost my father and my mother and was left to myself by the entire family and relations. For the first time I had to run a home and that too in a State not of my own, where I had to deal with language problems. For nine long years I did my level best. After nine years, my situation worsened when I had no money of my own in the bank even though my parents and uncle left me wealth for my happiness in their will. One can imagine what happens when you are broke. I felt insecure and really troubled ‘cause I did not want to live in debt. I was so shocked and angry with my family for this situation that I started reacting instead of finding solutions. Around that time, I had met with a road accident, and I hurt myself very badly. I found myself with no money for treatment and so I lost my health.

    It was in this condition as I struggled and reacted, that my sister with a doctor took me to the hospital. There was no one I could turn to. I did what any normal person would do in this situation, but no one felt or really understood what was happening to me. They thought I had lost my mind so I needed psychiatric treatment. In the hospital it was worse as I could not bear the thought of losing everything. Suddenly everything seemed futile – my hard work, money spent in building a house of my own, my sacrifice. I suffered silently.

    I prayed, but I felt that God was not answering my prayers. It was even worse as I was getting ready to leave the hospital. They told me I was going to a rehabilitation Centre. I cried and cried but there was no one to console and understand me. All the days for three long years I suffered silently at MPA. Then I met Mr. Sidney - he was my counsellor. For the first time after a long time I found a listening ear. As I talked to him I realized that by itself suffering does no good, there was much more to life ‘cause it’s a gift from God and irrespective of whatever happens Jesus has a special purpose for us all. Suddenly I began to get back my confidence, I found faith in myself as I found faith in God and I found faith in others. The hardest was to still continue to have a relationship with my family.

    I realized I was precious to God. Then my defining moment came, when once again I found my worth! I got inspired. I praised God for his generosity and love. So I began to keep my hope and faith alive. I saw how Mr. Sidney gifted himself to others and that made a great difference to our lives. Instantly I found a reason to share my life and my gifts with others. There were moments here at MPA of meaningful sharing with others. I got involved in the activities at MPA and extended my understanding to others. This brought joy, great joy in my heart. I found joy in uplifting the residents.

    Now my counsellor is Mrs. Lata ma’am. Again after many years I found a woman of great experience and faith extending her understanding and support and encouragement. Through her loving ways, she affirmed me and brought out the best in myself that remains dormant for so long. These moments of sharing made me get involved more and more to make things happen.

    Last but not the least; life really took a new meaning when I met Saju. She is my best friend and room-mate, which explains it all. Through her and the others, I could see the mighty provision of God!

    Mr. Sajjal, 33 years

    It is pleasure to say that life is a lot better after rehabilitation since 2003 at MPA. At the rehabilitation  programme, the regular routine and structure through the day has taught me a lot. I learnt that work can keep me occupied and also help me feel better. At the rehabilitation programme, I also learnt about goal setting and am  able to pursue it also. I am much better now and hope to get even better. My earlier life was much more  unorganized. All the other fun activities also were good at MPA.