1.Who is eligible for admission into the Center?
We admit persons who are diagnosed with schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, manic-depressive psychosis or depression, into our residential and non-residential programme. As per present policy, we do not admit persons with alcohol or drug related problems.

2. Who is a suitable candidate for admission to the MPA facilities?

a) The client is functional enough to participate in the programmes.
b) The client is able to take care of personal hygiene. The client is able to follow the rules of the Half-Way Home
c) The client is motivated to stay after being briefed on the Half-Way Home.

3.What is the age group you cater to? 
We admit those who are between the ages of 19 and 55 years of age.

4. Can one who is above 55 years of age get admitted? 
Exceptions are made when the person requiring psycho-social intervention is above 55 years of age, if he / she is physically sound and the family requires respite for a short time.

5. What is the length of stay that you will permit after admission? 
Our rehabilitation programme is initially from three to fifteen months in the Half-Way Home and up to three years in the Navajeevan Hostel under Extended Care. If there is requirement for extension of stay, either for study / employment or treatment needs, a consideration will be made upon request by family members by the Admission and Discharge Committee of the MPA. After Extended Care, Long-Term Care facility is provided on request by the family; it is renewable at the end of three year-stay.

6. How is the admission processed?
For admission into the Center, first an application form is to be filled up by the referring family member and psychiatrist, giving details of the family, history of onset of illness and treatment received.  Along with the application form, documents pertaining to medical history are to be attached. The application and the applicant are then cleared for admission by the professional and administration staff subject to approval by the Admission and Discharge Standing Committee. The admission will be confirmed only after two weeks of trial stay, where the option to decide is provided to the applicant and family.

7. I have no family in Bangalore; will you be able to accept my son / daughter? 
Admission can be facilitated if there is a local guardian residing in Bangalore. The local guardian can be a relation or a family friend referred by the family who will attend to the needs of the applicant just as a family member would.

8. What is the role of the local guardian? 
The local guardian is expected to:

  • Take the resident to the hospital / clinic for reviews at the appointed time
  • Take the resident for an outing or for weekend
  • Attend programmes at the MPA on behalf of the family
  • Act on behalf of the family in the event of hospital admission or treatment.

9. Will medication be supervised, as my son / daughter has difficulty in taking medication? 
Most residents express difficulty in taking medicines. To develop a routine that will help, we supervise taking of medicines.

10. How will you address if there is resistance to your programme? 
We address resistance by acknowledging the anxiety and discomfort experienced when faced with change, which is usual when entering an unfamiliar place. We encourage family participation by inviting family members to stay at the MPA Guest Cottage. At the time of admission interview, a contract is made to experience the rehabilitation programme for two weeks before making a decision.

11. What is the security you provide? 
Our programme is open and transparent. We encourage persons who willingly consent to stay in the programme. In order to monitor, we do provide security services. However in the event of any absconding taking place, the protocol is to inform the local guardian / family members and with their consent the police.

12. What is the medium of communication? 
English language is predominantly used along with vernacular languages that our staff is conversant with (Kannada, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam)

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