2014 - Long Supported Care Project launched!!
2007 - Cottages for Extended Care for Women
2005- Leased land purchased from BBMP and registered
2002 - Sahai Helpline for Suicide Prevention
2001 - Training Center & Staff Quarters (Alzira De Sousa)
1997 - Long Term Care for recovering men with mental disorders (Jeevanachaitra)
1988 - Extended Care Hostel (Navajeevan) for recovering persons with mental disorders
1975 - Got land on lease for 30 years from Bangalore City Corporation; First Half Way Home (Mana Shanti) was set up
1972 - Registration of Medico-Pastoral Association under Mysore Societies Registration Act 1960
1971 - Suicide Prevention Squad was formed
1969 - Alcoholics Anonymous was initiated at St Mark’s Cathedral by MPA Volunteer Group
1964 - Counseling at St Mark’s Cathedral was initiated by the Urban Industrial Outreach Mission

Mental health needs of the community were first addressed by providing counselling services to persons with alcohol or drug related problems, emotional or psycho-social disorders and to those with suicidal tendencies – especially youth. Early interventions into mental health arena also included counselling and guidance for unwed mothers, and the setting up of medical camps for providing treatment and creating awareness about various aspects of mental illnesses. At this stage, volunteers used to gather in individual homes to organize these programmes.

Their main objective was to “Meet the Needs of the Whole Person through bringing into a fellowship of service, a volunteers group which included doctors, social workers, psychologists, clergymen – members of the caring professions and individuals concerned with the mental health of our society.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                  St. Mark’s Cathedral



First building under construction. 

In addition to the main highlights of progress depicted in the MPA Tree, other services have also been rendered. They are Mental Health Information Unit since 1993, Non-Residential Disability Support Services like Day Care Programme since 1998, Family Group sessions and SAHAI Helpline.


HWH- Residential



The Half-Way Home




Administration Block


first Volunteers and staff of MPA


Staff & Volunteers Team

MPA Early Volunteers

MPA Staff Team Old

Your support in cash/kind for the Long Supported Care Project for mentally ill is solicited.