Medico-Pastoral Association (MPA) commenced in 1964 as the first and the oldest registered non-governmental organization to step into the then unexplored territory of rehabilitating mentally ill persons in India. It has, for over the past 50 years, continued to make strides in this realm. Apart from providing a surrogate home for individuals with disabilities arising from psychiatric illness, it also caters to many other needs of people with difficulties.

As early as 1964, much before any formal or conventional forms of intervention were introduced, a group of volunteers comprising professionals like doctors and clergymen – under the Urban Industrial Mission Programme of St. Mark’s Cathedral, Bangalore – got together to create awareness, and to provide training in skills required to remove the fear and misconceptions surrounding mental health problems. The movement initiated by these volunteers has been effective in the promotion of mental health and care of the mentally ill, and culminated in the formation of Medico-Pastoral Association.  

When “i” is Replaced by “We”

Resort outing 2013

Evenillness BecomesWellness“.


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