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  • Half-Way Home                   -Manashanti
  • Hostel for Extended Care - Navajeevan
  • Hostel for Long-term Care - Jeevanachaitra
  • Cottage for Long-term Care (Women)
  • Day Care
  • Counselling
  • Training
  • Information
  • Family Services
  • SAHAI – Suicide Prevention Helpline

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Long Supported care project

Long Supported Care Project

The project is an endevour to address the key concern “What After Me?” of the care givers of the persons with mental illness. It aims at addressing the growing concerns of persons whose wards / relatives / friends suffering from chronic mental illness, lacking social support and are socially isolated. It is intended to provide mental, physical, social, emotional and spiritual support to ensure quality life till the end of the journey of the mentally ill.

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